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Don't sink the boat

Avoid overloading consumers with blah blah this and blah blah that, when you really just need to keep it simple.

Sometimes the people upstairs ask you to cram, jam and pound in a million messages into a video that is intended to generate a new wave of business or launch a new product, but it’s all too easy to sink the boat (your content) by overloading it with too much cargo (the messaging).

They think it’s a great idea and a good use of marketing budget – “sure let’s use the one video to say it all, genius!” – but it’s important to ask ourselves, is this really the best way to communicate to our audience? 

The short answer. No – well, sometimes it works, but ‘less is more’ is the general rule when it comes to messaging in a video, or on a billboard. 

One of our favourite examples of this is Apple’s on-point Privacy campaign (below), where we see how a simple, clear and poignant message can resonate so powerfully.

This isn’t necessarily a ground-breaking insight that is going to revolutionise your approach to marketing and communications – it’s just reinforcing that sometimes the best way to give your message clarity is by removing the clutter around it.

There is of course a time and place for all the juicy details, like content for your website where people are further down the funnel, but it’s all of our jobs to get them there in the first place. 

So, no matter how tempting it is, be careful about adding that one extra piece of straw to the camel’s back, as you just might break it.


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