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10X Engagement

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Our team has been a strategic, creative and production partner across a range of TSMC briefs over the years as part of a wider agency mix. From analysing the competition on socials and generating unique insights that inform strategy to developing launch collateral for their industry-leading Advanced Technology, we've helped TSMC break new ground.

Helping TSMC break new ground

Automotive Campaign

With the rise of EVs, AVs, next-gen infotainment and intelligent driving systems, we helped tsmc cement their position as the world's leading semiconductor manufacturer for the automotive sector, leveraging their Unleash Innovation platform to showcase how OEMs can deliver the SDVs of tomorrow.

10X Engagement

In addition to the multi-format content suite, we developed a paid strategy to target the entire automotive ecosystem, across OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2, segmenting the audience across key target customers, roles and geographies to 10X engagement (*compared to auto-sector average across key competitors and past performance).

Launching with a bang

Animation & VFX

Leaning into a polished, tech-aesthetic with glassy reflections and glowing high-end textures, we've helped TSMC launch new products and engineering companies win multi-billion dollar tenders.

Live Action Integration

As a key project call out; we shot this eye-catching piece for TSMC in a studio with rear-projection, showcasing the real-world impact of their N6RF Specialty Technology.

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Our roster of directors and collaborators have done some killer work for awesome brands across the globe.

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