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When UTS and Secureworks needed to feature key stakeholders delivering information, we were tasked with the challenge of how to make it memorable... how to make it more than just the 'taking head' that we've seen a thousand times.

Building a sense of mission

Donor Impact

UTS were looking to evolve their communication style and rally donors around key impact areas. Featuring their Vice Chancellor and a range of Change Makers, we developed this dynamic content suite to show that together we can create change.


When it came to the projection content, we utilised existing assets from various UTS projects and mined stock footage libraries to create immersive backgrounds that take the storytelling to the next level. We even live-edited footage shot that morning to get a background for the VC that would connote a sense of the wider university community.

Not all heroes wear capes

War Stories

Looking to stand out from the pack, we developed tech-inspired content for Secureworks to break through boring. By highlighting a series of real-world scenarios, we showcased their cybersecurity prowess and brought a bit of 'badass' to the White Hats (ethical security hackers).


Set in an eye-catching environment, we used dynamic cinematography to build momentum and trawled stock libraries to find the perfect projection visuals that would work for each war story.

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