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What is CGI and 3D animation?

CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) and 3D animation refer to the use of computer technology to create and manipulate visual media. This can include everything from 3D models and special effects in movies, to character design and animation in video games, to virtual reality experiences and interactive graphics for websites.

How can CGI and 3D animation be used to tell a story or convey a message?

CGI and animation allow for endless creative possibilities with storytelling. Through the use of 3D models, character design, and animation, we can bring characters and settings to life in a way that engages your audience in an unexpected way. CGI is also the perfect tool to communicate complex ideas and concepts in a clear and easily understood manner, and bring a level of production quality to the visual world we create.

Why choose 3D over 2D?

Some projects are better suited to flat 2D animation than others, with some really calling for a 3D/CGI approach. Generally speaking, 3D can create real impact with a premium look to the visuals – think glossy surfaces and lush, interesting textures. 3D is often used for technical products, making them feel high-end, however there are many amazing examples of keeping 3D graphics warm and relatable.