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Podcast Production

Reach a new audience

Go beyond ordinary channels

Have a conversation

The long-format and conversational nature of podcasts creates an authentic, personal connection with your audience, all in real time.
Strategic insights

With deep discovery we’ll uncover hidden opportunities, helping you stand out from the pack.

Storytelling experts

Our team knows how to weave a story to create an engaging and compelling experience.

Creative and production gurus

Our team keeps it fresh, with a seamless production experience.


Created for Cochlear’s professional network, this series features patients and the world’s leading audiologists exploring the challenges of hearing loss and the exciting opportunities that are just around the corner.

After the positive reception of season 1 across Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other channels, Cochlear green-lit Season 2.


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Let's Chat
Why do a podcast? 

It's simple really; podcasts give you the opportunity to talk directly to your audience. Think of it as letting your audiences, customers or employees b part of the conversation; or at least this is how it feels for a listener. Podcasts are also a great way to diversify information and engagement with your audiences and can create the foundations for a wider content ecosystem.

How do I come up with ideas for my podcast?

That’s where we come in! Get in touch and let our team of creative-thinkers do the hard work for you. 

What if I want to do a video and audio podcast? 

We've got you covered and we often recommend this approach. Utilising both audio and video gives additional opportunities for social media content, as well as communications and marketing collateral to be repurposed and retargeted to specific audiences. 

What if I want guests who are overseas? 

The beauty of podcast production in our current digital age is the unlimited possibilities for accessing key insights from around the world. As part of the discovery process with any podcast, we'll determine what's required and how we can best optimise your network to ensure we get the most engaging content for the series. If it so happens your network is in another country, we'll use our best platforms and software to make it seem as though you're having the conversation face-to-face.

Aren’t there already lots of podcasts out there? 

Sure, there are a lot of podcasts out there in the ether, but that doesn't limit the reach or impact your podcast could have. Arguably, the most important consideration when starting a podcast as a business is to 'know your audience". Defining a clear channel, theme or topic for communication that sets your podcast production apart. We'll help you craft and define this as the process begins and ensure we're maximising your in-house expertise to elevate this new endeavour.