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What is a creative campaign?

A creative campaign is an integral part of the marketing toolkit. A campaign is used to help you reach your audience in a memorable way. At Fox + Bear we’ll build you a campaign that uses strategic, audience-driven thinking, as well as impactful messaging, and clever creative.

What makes a creative campaign effective?

The most effective creative campaigns are built on a deep understanding of the target audience and use a strategic approach to deliver a message that will resonate with them. It also incorporates compelling storytelling, visually appealing design and a thoughtful execution plan.

Why work with Fox + Bear?

At Fox + Bear we prioritise emotional connections with your target audience and strive to create lasting impact. And we make it a breeze along the way, because why shouldn’t work be fun?

What is your process for developing a creative campaign?

Our process for developing a creative campaign begins with understanding our clients' business goals and target audiences. From there, we collaborate on concept development and refine until arriving at a final strategy that we are confident will drive results. We also stay involved every step of the way to ensure the campaign is executed with creative flair, and to the highest standard.

How often should I launch a new campaign?

How frequently you launch new campaigns will depend on the specific goals and resources of your company/brand. In general however, it's a good idea to have ongoing campaigns that are continually optimised and updated, rather than launching one-off campaigns. This allows you to build momentum and make more incremental progress over time.